The Science of Storytelling 2

How Customer Storytelling Can Transform Your Company

A powerful, well-told story has the potential to change the way people think, work, learn and communicate. Storytelling is intrinsic to who we are as people, and has played a defining role in our evolution as a species. This webinar explores they keys to successful storytelling, and how customer storytelling can transform your company’s approach to marketing and advertising.

Customer Storytelling is a company’s practice of empowering its community to share their unique experience with the world. It can be as simple as a written review, as dynamic as customer photos and videos of your product, and as expansive as stories about topics related to your brand.

In this presentation we cover:

  1. A quick recap of Part 1
  2. Setting Goals + Benchmarks: starting off your campaign with the proper KPIs
  3. Knowing What Stories Work: Data about which types of stories have the biggest impact on your community, and tactical advice on how to put this data to work for your brand
  4. How, Where, & When to use these stories: when are people most receptive to customer stories, and where to use this incredible content.

This presentation also includes questions asked by attendees.

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