Terms & Conditions

Some of our best customers have come from referrals from friends and clients. We wanted to take one step further and say “Thank You” for this generous introduction by offering a present – we’ll give you the new customer’s first months subscription up to $2,000 as a way of saying thank you! You can refer as many customers as you’d like – we’ll give you this bonus each and every time they sign up.

Here’s how it works:
1. Tell your friends about StoryBox. You can create a custom referral link here. Anyone who clicks on it and signs up will be credited to you as a referral. If you’d prefer a more personal touch, you can directly email support@getstorybox.com with an introduction to your friend and our team will follow-up with them right away.
2. When your friends sign-up, we’ll notify you.
3. If your friend completes their trial and becomes a StoryBox customer, we’ll send you your thank you payment after 90 days of their active subscription

It’s that simple.

To make our legal counsel happy, here are a few other things to note:

* The StoryBox referral program started on and applies to all referrals made on or after January 10, 2017
* Your payment will be made for the amount of your referrals first months’ subscription up to $2,000
* Payments can be made by check, paypal, or amazon giftcard, whichever you prefer
* Payments are only made after 90 days of active subscription, defined as an account in good standing for three months of continuous use.
* In the event that multiple people have made the same, the referral bonus will paid to the first person to have made the introduction.
* Introductions are held valid for 60 days
* Referral bonuses are only valid once per twelve month period per client (ie. if a client signs up as a StoryBox client and cancels their account after three months, and then is referred by someone else and re-signs up, this will not be eligible for a referral bonus)