Why Socially Engaged Customers Buy More

Before the days of mass-printed catalogs and Amazon, most businesses relied solely on word-of-mouth and their reputation within their community to attract business. The world you inhabited was mostly confined to your local community. You would stock your shelves based on the needs of the farmers and tradespeople in your area, not on third-party product line research.

Today your company will not succeed based on just local word-of-mouth but also by it’s presence online. Developing an ongoing conversation to engage your customers using social media marketing is critical in the success of your business because it helps you dispense the right information, build a community and manage that community to keep people coming back.

People want to know more about a product than could fit into any Amazon description.

Prospective buyers and clients have a never-ending list of questions about your products and services. From questions about custom color options to whether or not it will fit in their living room, customers demand a certain level of information that just cannot fit into even the best targeted ad campaign. Engaging customers via constant social media marketing gives them an outlet for crucial information that would otherwise be unobtainable.

Being engaged full-time in social media marketing does not just provide your customers with a fast response to questions and requests they tweet to you or leave on your Facebook page. Those conversations provide information not just for the immediate participants but for all the people who stumble upon those threads looking while searching. Popular threads can become the genesis of blog articles which can help establish your company as an authority.

Social engagement helps you find your community

With the rise of shipping conglomerates the days of relying on involvement in your local community as your marketing campaign are long gone. The bright side is the community from which you can pull customers is truly global thanks to social media marketing. By being an active participant in online communities related to your business you can find customers and build relations with suppliers in places you would never have dreamed of. It can also steer you towards markets you may not know about.

Do not confine your social media marketing and involvement to just popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. The web is filled with communities centered around forums which in some cases have been around for decades now. You may want to consider starting your own forum to give your customers a home on the internet where they can discuss your products and services.

Managing a community to keep customers coming back

Creating a forum for your business is just one way of building up a community around your business. It requires engaging your customers in a quick and uniform way on multiple platforms and acting as a go-between for the public and your team. As Matthew Doris of Etsy Europe puts it, a good community manager facilitates members of a community to connect and share ideas.  Just having information available will not be enough for many customers. People still want to have a personal relationship with companies and want to have a little input into the things they are buying.

VideoGenie provides the data analytics and campaign creation tools you need to develop the community you need to build your business. Contact us today to start creating your social media marketing campaign.