Why do customers write reviews? @bazaarvoice


Just today, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Bazaarvoice, Summer Daoud, wrote a very compelling article on why customers choose to write reviews. In her article, Summer highlights a pretty remarkable statistic: 87.5% of people who write a review do so for “altruistic reasons”. According to a post-review survey of 14,628 submissions on a retail site, 87.5% of those stated they decided to write a review to help others decide whether or not to buy a certain product, and/or as a way of giving back to the community that reviewed products which aided their decision in making a purchase.

While this is a very interesting finding, and certainly a pleasant one at that, many naysayers may presume there is a certain type of person who elects to write a review, and all the numerous ratings and reviews out there are actually coming from a small, self-selecting group of people. Daoud points out that this simply is not the case. In fact 76% of reviews across the Bazaarvoice network come from someone who has not previously left a review on that site. So there you go, Folks. There is a real sense of “paying it forward” out there, and anecdotally speaking, through my personal experiences with companies and organizations that can only thrive thanks to thoughtful reviews (think AirBnB), people out there generally mean well and want to help out the general populace. Sure, there are a few bad apples here and there, and certainly not all reviews are of equal merit, but generally speaking, the vast majority of people are trying to be helpful and provide constructive advice. Thankfully, ratings and reviews have become paramount for every organization – and we’re pleased to say, people generally elect to participate in the conversation as a way of giving back to the community they are a part of.

I’d encourage you to check out Summer’s blog post here: