VideoGenie Product Updates: May 2013

We’re very excited to share a few of the latest product enhancement to the VideoGenie platform, designed to help your business capture and leverage video and User Generated Content (“UGC”) for reviews or contest. Meanwhile, we’re continuing to work hard towards major releases in the next few months.

What’s new!

Enhanced social sharing. This is a fantastic feature to increase the virality of your next campaign. Now you can share, playback and record all within the Facebook newsfeed. Now, when a video is shared on Facebook through VideoGenie, people can not only watch and interact with this video, but also record their own video within the same post.  As customer interaction increases in the Facebook newsfeed, and decreases in Facebook Apps, this is a tremendous way to drive more interaction with your customer base.

Highlight Reel for product reviews.  As video becomes a more important part of your product review mix and offerings, we’re hard at work creating new features to provide a high quality viewing experience. We’re introducing the Highlight Reel. Specifically designed to show off the most helpful product reviews– features include a star-rating system and a short text description.

Text and Photo.  Finally, in addition to industry leading video and UGC contest solutions, we’ve added the ability to submit text and photos to our platform. This was based directly on the feedback from our customers who want multiple channels and mediums to communicate and engage with their customers.

Be on the lookout for enhanced solutions for video product reviews and increase social integration features– Check back here for more details soon!
~The VideoGenie Product Team