VideoGenie Product Update: The Masonry Gallery

Presenting fresh and engaging content online is an ongoing challenge for most brand and social media managers. As such, we’re constantly striving to innovate our video players and recorders to lead the industry with the best visual displays for user-generated video.

Thus, styled after the innovative TED talks video gallery,  VideoGenie has developed our Masonry gallery to allow for a dynamic video content display.  With each load of the player, a new layout and arrangement of video thumbnails is displayed. This keeps the page fun and engaging for the user!

The Masonry gallery is specifically designed to enhance user engagement and interaction with the player, therefore, increasing the ROI for your next video contest or campaign.

The Masonry gallery features include the following:

  • Approved videos are dynamically displayed.

  • With every refresh of the page, the videos appear in a new configuration.

  • Customers can record, review, submit and share their videos.

Dynamic Masonry gallery.