VideoGenie presents at the Digitas New Fronts Conference in NYC!

This past week, Justin Nassiri, Founder & CEO of Videogenie, was invited to present at Digitas’ Silicon V/Alley workshop as a thought leader and innovator in the world of digital video. In concert with the sixth annual Digitas New Fronts Conference, Digitas made a concerted effort to bring the innovations coming out of Silicon Valley to the Big Apple to shed some light on what the digital video landscape looks like today, and how it will play out tomorrow.

At Digitas, they believe that the key to successful marketing is partnering well. Especially in this ever-changing landscape. As the world of digital video continues to shift from “lean back to participatory viewing” it is essential for the world’s leading digital agencies to seek out and partner with technology companies on the forefront of this evolution.

Alongside reputable brands like XBox and Vine, VideoGenie was one of the seven companies chosen to delineate this world.

VideoGenie focused on the power of user-generated video, articulating how marketers are able to leverage the VideoGenie technology to seamlessly capture, analyze, distribute, and display user-generated video on every digital property – earned, owned and paid.

The theme of the week being “real-time marketing”, and the realization that video is perhaps the most “emotive, expressive, impactful” and now “increasingly shareable, and participatory” medium available made VideoGenie the obvious choice for a thought leader and innovator in the space.

Having recently received several honors including the “best new startup” at the CMO club in 2012, and “the best startup award” earlier this Fall at the Facebook Social Summit, VideoGenie was poised and flattered to be chosen to present at a world-leading digital agency and shed some light on the rapidly growing and iterating space that is digital video.