Using voting and limited time offers to drive campaign success

You’ve taken the time and effort to get all of your customer advocate stories in one place; now you’ve got to drive more participation and viewership. To do both, voting and limited time offers are great ways to ramp up your campaign.

The Impact of Voting on Organic Traffic

When executed properly, voting is an extremely effective way to increase organic traffic to your campaign. As an example, in their #DareToBARE campaign, Bare Snacks added a voting element to their campaign. Viewers of the #DareToBARE gallery on their website and on Facebook were able to vote for their favorite BARE Moment. Additionally, BARE utilized StoryBox’s social voting functionality, so that when a customer voted, they were able to easily share this on both Facebook and Twitter. As a result, over 45% of their campaign traffic came from people voting or sharing their favorite BARE Moment. Additionally, the average sharer brought over 8 friends back to the #DareToBARE campaign, where they could share their own BARE Moment or vote for their favorite.

Voting is a powerful way to heighten competition amongst participants. If voting plays a role in the selection criteria for a contest, it will often cause participants to go to great lengths to share their story with their friends and family in an attempt to gain more votes. This can be heightened further by making progress explicit – Leaderboards, update emails, and prominent vote counts are all great ways to make one’s progress more clear, and create a stronger incentive for the participant to share their story.

It’s important to realize that there are downsides to voting. With any competition where voting plays a role, there is the chance that someone will try to cheat the system. There’s also an even higher chance that others in your community will suspect that cheating is occurring. Both of these can bring about negative comments and interactions, so it’s important to consider this when you make a decision about whether to include voting in your campaign.


Limited Time Offers

Most of us procrastinate. We’ve all got a never-ending stream of to-do items, and managing all of them can be a constant challenge. When it comes to participating in a customer advocate program, your community is no different. Oftentimes people are both willing and able to participate, but joining in may get pushed to the wayside as more urgent and important matters arise.

If you have a deadline for participation, chances are that most of your community will wait until the last minute to actually participate. The main downsides here are that (1) as we saw in Creating a reason for customers to share their storystories beget more stories; so if people wait to participate, you lose out on that social proof point that drives even more participation from others. (2) if customers wait until the last minute to participate, they run a good chance of missing the deadline and never actually joining the conversation.

In order to combat both of these, limited time offers work really well. A few LTOs that we see working well quite frequently are:

  • Rewards for initial participants: “The first 25 approved stories receive a $25 giftcard” or offers along these lines give people a reason to take action, and to take action right now
  • Weekly giveaways: While there may be a grand prize at the end of the campaign, periodic incentives will drive a more continuous participation stream from your community
  • Tiered incentives: a variety of prizes for a variety of actions is also a great way to spur more immediate participation. You can learn more about this in our blog post on How to maximize customer advocate participation through tiered incentives.

Interested in learning more? Check out our webinar on The Science of Storytelling to learn more about how you can get started, or check out ourCustomer Storytelling Campaign Checklist to learn more about what you can do to get started today.