How to use Facebook to showcase Brand Advocate stories

There are a lot of outlets for your customer stories, many of which we discussed previously in our post on Where, When, and How to Use Customer Stories. One that is used frequently is the brand’s Facebook Fan Page, and this is often the best place to start.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Ease of Implementation: While .com sites often require engineering resources to change, Facebook pages can be launched by a marketer with little to no support. .com properties also often receive much more traffic, which means that any addition undergoes significantly more scrutiny than a Facebook App. Both of these means that you’re likely to get faster traction on Facebook, while waiting for the .com to catchup
  2. Attract your non-website audience: As you probably know, your website traffic and Facebook Page traffic are a venn diagram, not two concentric circles. While there is some overlap, there are often completely different audiences in these two channels. By adding your Facebook Page of brand advocate stories, you can drive more traffic from a wider audience of potential customers. It also allows people to remain within the Facebook ecosystem when discovering new content, rather than be driven away to your website.
  3. Enable sponsored stories: Sponsored stories are a powerful way to get more traction from your shared content. By having your brand advocate stories on Facebook, it makes it even simpler to use sponsored stories to drive more visibility for your campaign.

When you’re getting ready to launch on Facebook, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Your cover art is your best real estate: Whenever customers come to your Facebook Page, the most eye-catching real estate is your cover art. So make sure to use that to promote your campaign or customer advocate program. As an example, you can see what Bare Snacks did for their successful campaign here: Bare Cover Art
  2. Tie your app name to your #: Previously, we discussed Using hashtags with your contest or campaign. There, we talked about adding your hashtag to your .com domain in order to provide another outlet for your customer advocate program. It works the same with Facebook Apps – as you can see in the previous image, Bare Snacks tied their app to their #DareToBARE campaign
  3. Feature customer advocates in your post: Not only will this provide a great incentive for participation (as we discussed in Creating a reason for customers to share their story), but it will also drive more traffic to your app. Additionally, it provides a great example (as well as social proof) for your community.

We hope that these spark more ideas for you about how, where, and when to use these stories.  Interested in learning more? Check out our webinar on The Science of Storytelling to learn more about how you can get started, or check out our Customer Storytelling Campaign Checklist to learn more about what you can do to get started today.