Update: Justin Bieber is as desirable as ever!

Well, Guys, it should come as no surprise that the superstar Justin Bieber is as desirable as ever. As you’ve probably seen, we launched a great campaign with Essence Cosmetics highlighting none other than THE Justin Bieber. Essence utilized VideoGenie to collect great videos from true Beliebers out there.  Going off of the age-old tale “If Justin is there, they will come” (it might as well be an adage at this point ;) ), the Essence team was able to gather a tremendous amount of really engaging content from Justin Bieber fans everywhere who were anxious to show their best essence concert look.

We’ve run some big campaigns in the past, folks. Teaming up with powerhouses like Taylor Swift, Bud Light around the Super Bowl, and everything in between, but this contest (which still has a few days left!) was really a game-changer. While the hundreds of submissions did not surprise us, what we were really taken aback by was the time, effort, and care put into each entry from these huge fans. Typically, we see around 80% of our clients’ fans submit a video via webcam or mobile, with roughly 20% of the submissions coming in via upload (i.e. a produced video with voiceovers, clever transitions, and serious production value). Not this time, folks. Our averages were flipped on their heads! Throughout this Essence campaign, we’ve seen the vast majority (80%) of submissions being video uploads as opposed to standard video submissions.

Stay posted for a full recap and case study of this campaign once it’s fully concluded because the stats are truly impressive (increased time on site, increase in organic traffic from video shares and referrals, avg. video views per person etc.), but in the meantime we wanted to share our enthusiasm and give a quick update. And if you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time! http://www.essence.eu/us/beauty-news/justin-bieber/sweeps/video-haul.html

Submit a video now! The competition may be fierce, but we’ve got faith in you. We’re expecting some late entries to make some noise!