The New Facebook Timeline Brand Pages: Getting More Personal

Today Facebook unveiled Timeline for its brand-focused Pages.

The changes have been detailed in multiple stories across the news this morning, and we’re excited to see Facebook highlight a specific component in its Pages: a fan’s friends.

If you go to a brand’s Facebook Page now as a fan, you’ll see how many of your friends like the Page. Instead of sifting through a wall of fan comments, likes and haphazardly stumbling upon a friend’s comment about the brand (“Oh hey! Katie likes Starbucks?”), a fan will immediately see all of their friends’ relevant brand activity on Timeline (tags, check-ins, status mentions, likes and comments) highlighted front and center.

While this move seems like a no-brainer for a social network built upon relationships and connections – we’re still pleased to see that Facebook gets that the best way for a brand to connect with a consumer is by leveraging and highlighting the opinions and activities of your friends. At the end of the day, a successful marketing tactic or campaign hinges upon its ability to make an emotional and personal connection. What better way to do this than by pulling in fans’ trusted friends to help tell a brand’s story?

Introducing Facebook’s New Timeline for Brands (credit: Strike Anywhere and MediaPost)

Here at VideoGenie, we understand the power of friends’ opinions, thoughts, likes and general sentiment. While there’s much to be seen with how brands will leverage this new branded storytelling format, one thing’s for sure: connect with the heart of a consumer and you’ll have the best shot at authentic and powerful engagement.