The CMOs Have Voted: VideoGenie’s the Best New Startup

We’re excited to announce that VideoGenie has won Best New Startup at the CMO Club Innovation Summit in NYC on April 27th, held at the Ritz-Carlton. The summit gathered some of the top marketing leaders and CMOs together for conversations about innovative marketing practices, breakthroughs and emerging platforms.

In the CMO Club Labs session, heads of marketing (from companies like IBM, Microsoft, American Express OpenGE and Dow Jones) had a chance to hear from and vote for tech startups with the best “new game-changing technologies, platforms, and media.” VideoGenie came out as the front-runner, beating out leading social media management platforms like HootSuite.

Here at Videogenie, we’re thrilled to be honored for making brands’ marketing initiatives more engaging and viral with user-generated video content. Use of social video among some of the top brands’ and companies’ marketing campaigns is only gaining momentum and we can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes us.

While VideoGenie might be rocking it in the social video marketing space, here are three other hot social media marketing startups to watch:

1. Having recently raised a $4.3 million round in April, by Bread Labs has developed social media marketing suite Bread Pro, which creates “digital billboards” with custom URLs that are easy to share across the most popular social media platforms. A nifty splash marketing tool, Lady Gaga’s manager has backed it.

2. Evly: Wouldn’t it be neat if there was a way for brands to not only engage their community, but crowdsource their social media projects? With Evly, brands can engage their community in helping them with all things social media.

3. Sprinklr: Having recently raised a $5M round in March, Sprinklr offers a suite of social media management tools to help big companies maintain their presence across social networks and measure engagement. With a top-tier client list that includes some of the biggest brand names, like Dell, SAP, Target and Nike, Sprinklr is doing something right.