The 3 social media platforms driving the most sales & engagement through user-generated content

Throughout 2014 we saw a rise in the use of video on social media platforms. The rise of video marketing on social media platforms is expected to continue into 2015 and beyond. Not only is video marketing on the rise, but User Generated Content (UGC) is also growing. If your consumers interact with, wear, or otherwise show-off your products, then you want to use video to highlight these experiences on the various social media platforms. Below are three of the top social media platforms that will help eCommerce businesses grow their user-base, improve customer engagement, and generate more sales.


Ah Facebook, it seems like this social media giant is looming around every corner. In fact, in August 2014 Facebook surpassed YouTube in the number of video views via desktop. Facebook continued its video consumption in September 2014. The popular social media platform attracted a billion video views per day or roughly a 30-fold increase since July of that year. More than 65% of those views are happening on smartphones and tablets, which is still the case four months later.

Below are a few reasons that you should promote your UGC and eCommerce brand on Facebook:

  • Facebook videos receive significantly more shares than all other social media platforms.
  • Shared videos reach a larger audience and have a higher chance of becoming “viral hits.”
  • People are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did one year ago.
  • The number of videos showing up in people’s news feeds has increased by 360% compared to last year.

Facebook is a social media platform that relies on its user generated content. If eCommerce companies want to be noticed on the platform, then they need to embrace the value of video by taking a page out of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s book. “Video is a very big priority,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during October 2014. He added that just as photos usurped text as the dominant content type shared on Facebook, in the future “a lot of the content that people share will be video.”


Like Facebook, Instagram has been transitioning from photos to videos. The social media platform currently has over 300 Million active users. A study recently published by LT Think Tank found that Instagram gives brands 25 percent more engagement than any other social media platform (including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest). In an effort to capitalize on this level of engagement, Lululemon Athletica started the #thesweatlife Instagram campaign. During the campaign, Lululemon Athletica linked its Instagram photos to UGC content of specific products. The campaign reportedly generated 26,000 photos. The results?

  • An estimated increase of 5 to 7 percent in conversion rates from displaying the user generated photos.
  • Shoppers who interacted with a real’ person’s photo on the site were expected to convert 2 to 3 times higher than the shopper average.

These results caused Lululemon Athletica to try their hand at UGC video content. The company receives about seven-times as many comments on its Instagram videos as it does on its photos.In fact, Instagram videos are creating two-times more engagement than Instagram photos. Once again, video is the way of the future for this social media conglomerate.


With 140 characters or less, Twitter has infiltrated every day life with ease. Currently, thesocial media platform has 500 Million users and is continuing to grow. As the platform grows, so too does its marketing potential. A recent study by Deloitte found that a 30% percent increase in positive tweets is four times more effective in driving sales than a 30 percent increase in traditional above-the-line advertising.

Users sharing video on retail and brand sites chose Twitter capturing 14 percent of the time. In addition, 500 Million tweets are sent out on a daily basis. This means that there are 500 Million chances for UGC to be promoted by companies. In 2011, EA gaming company led a very successful Twitter promotion for its latest FIFA video game. Through its campaign the company achieved more than 500,000 mentions and an engagement rate of around 29 percent for its latest video game.

No matter which platform catches your eye, video is here to stay and help you achieve greater sales and increased engagement. Facebook continues to dominate social media platforms. Instagram is charting new video sharing tactics. And Twitter is the go-to source for trending news. Each has its perks and each social media platform can help you to achieve new sales and increased levels of engagement.


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