Success Comes From The Soul(Cycle)

Physical activity begets workplace activity.

Half of StoryBox are former college athletes, our CEO is a Navy veteran, and one of our developers is the annual MVP of his softball league. We take our sweating very seriously.

You hear the term “startup hours” but never quite understand exactly what that means until you are listening to Bill Withers at 11 PM on a Tuesday night while cranking out a proposal, with your alarm set for 5 AM the next morning…and you’re excited about it.

It’s typically very hard to say no, except when it comes to a post or pre-work gym visit. Either that snooze button has its way in the morning, or your body is too lethargic by the time you step out of the office. This is a huge problem, one that holds employees back from the proven benefits of semi-daily exercise. One of those benefits would perk the ear of any manager…increased productivity.

Socrates lead the charge in this field of thought, stating that no person has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for one to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable.


Just over a month ago, to better support company mental and physical health (productivity is an ancillary benefit), our CEO signed all employees and significant others up for four weeks of SoulCyle. Now, if you are unfamiliar, SoulCycle is a fusion of spin class, yoga, the electric daisy carnival, an Eric Prydz music video, and a Tony Robbins motivational speaking session. Any cynicism one may have evaporates after 5 minutes of activity in the candlelit room, filled wall to wall with riders and pulsing house beats.

If you haven’t drawn it out yet, we were all fans. Strolling out of the studio, our steps felt lighter, our moods easier, and our camaraderie higher.

Now we are well aware of the reputation that SoulCycle receives, and a good portion of it is founded. That is a moot argument, however. A high-end, trendy spin class is not necessary to reap the benefits of integrating exercise with work. All it takes is a group run, daily pushup breaks, in-office yoga, or a day each week dedicated to walking to work.

To really sell your manager on this, here are a couple quick talking points:

  • Activity releases serotonin, helping you feel more confident and relaxed
  • Daily exercise reduces your risk of catching a cold (up to 38%)
  • Burning calories jumpstarts your metabolism (aka gives you more energy)
  • “Look good, feel good, do good”

We’ll see you out there! Keep an eye out for a crew running by in glacier blue StoryBox headbands.

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