Social Video: What Marketers Need to Know For 2012

You’ve got the fans and you’ve got a growing brand presence. You have your marketing plan (with email, web based advertising and other paid media) all set. Now you’ve just signed up for (or are considering) VideoGenie.

Strategic development and execution of a rock-solid video marketing plan is crucial, and if done well, will lead to higher traffic for your company’s site, higher engagement and higher revenues. Check out this great infographic by Viral Tracker on why every CMO should embrace social video.

Social video is “a bringing together of content and conversation. It’s an evolution of ‘viral’ and it has grown up a lot now; it’s content that sparks conversation, it’s content that people want to be associated with through their social media profiles. It’s something that draws the viewer towards it, rather than being pushed in front of people.” – The Next Web

Why video? You don’t have to be following marketing trends closely to notice that video can’t be left out of top-notch marketing plans. Video has steadily crept into all aspects of consumers’ lives and online video views are exploding. The vast majority of brands and agencies are effectively leveraging videos for their content marketing programs. It’s never been easier or more cost-effective to build video into your marketing strategy.

Why social video? Social video combines video content with conversation. Content is king and consumers will decide how your content is spread virally and what becomes earned media. And how important is this conversation? “Social Proof,” or word-of-mouth advertising within a social group has been found to be the most trusted mode of advertising.

Why user-generated content (UGC)? The vast majority of total video views were found to be made up of UGC video and video distributed across social networks. User-generated videos outscored professionally produced videos in a new ad effectiveness study from comScore.

Social video marketing is the next big wave in digital marketing. We take it up a notch by helping you leverage user-generated content in your video campaign. With so many of your brand advocates energized about your company and product, you can’t afford to miss out on an amazing opportunity to harness this passion for maximum ROI, engagement and viral impact.