Social Media Marketing: Introducing New Trends in 2013

Social media marketing has a completely different set of rules, compared with traditional advertising. Not only are they a different set of rules, but the rules themselves seem to change at a faster pace compared to traditional advertising, as the internet continues to evolve at an ever expanding rate. One new technique gaining prominence is using User Generated Content (UGC). In this article, we’ll take a look at thirteen suggestions for how your business can take control of UGC and make the most out of it.

  • Get your customers to generate content: Customers will be more than happy to contribute to your business if they feel they can make a valuable contribution. Encourage user reviews, forum postings and comments on your product.
  • Favor user-generated content over produced content: Customers tend to trust other individuals more than the business itself. A genuine positive comment from a customer is worth far more to others than a piece of copy generated by a marketing company.
  • Sign up to every social network you can: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and whatever else you can find. Each of these is a new way to expand your customer base.
  • Add content to these constantly: Not only should you be adding content to your social pages, you should make sure the content is valuable and worth reading!
  • Create a steady community through forums.
  • Encourage open dialog with customers: Check out Pizza Hut and Dominoes’ Twitter page. They’re always talking to customers because they know the value of real social interaction. They’re experts in digital marketing!
  • Monitor feedback for negative posts: Not only should you address legitimate complaints, you’ll need to moderate your pages for internet trolls and spam posters.
  • Celebrate user-generated content: Retweet what customers are saying about you, “like” comments on your page, and respond to comments.
  • Generate earned media: Create newsworthy events with your business, and encourage news organizations to cover the story. It’s free advertising, and news sources will be trusted more than your own PR spin.
  • Create competitions: Make a prerequisite of competitions that customers “Like” you on Facebook. It’s an easy way to boost your numbers.
  • Make everything you put on the internet likable, commentable and interactive.
  • Reward frequent contributors: Virtual badges are free to create, but customers will be willing to create content in order to earn them!
  • Let UGC build on itself: A user-generated piece of media will create discussion, which encourages more user contribution, and more media! Build your digital marketing plan to build and expand this cycle.

By following these simple guidelines you can effectively make social media work for you in 2013!