Seeing Is Believing: Why Consumer Electronics Need UGC

Purchasing electronics is nothing like it used to be. Everyone wants to test before they buy. Whether it is a new phone, a TV, or a new gaming system, a smart consumer will do their research before making a purchase. This is most apparent in the world of Consumer Electronics. Now, more than ever, people are voicing their opinions. They are creating video reviews of products on YouTube, sharing their experiences on Twitter, and posting photos of their new gadgets on Instagram.

So why is User Generated Content so important to Consumer Electronic brands?


1. Increase Sales 

It has been shown that having User Generated Content on your site will directly increase sales. This is because customers are being driven directly to your product detail page when looking at reviews instead of being driven to a third party website like Instagram or Twitter. Keeping customers on your site and having the process as frictionless as possible is a huge factor to increasing sales.


2. Improve Customer Trust

When a customer comes to your website to purchase a product, they want to know that they will be getting the product you have marketed. Seeing honest reviews from other consumers sets realistic expectations for a customer.


3. Give Your Customers A Voice

Nothing is more important than a company connecting with their community. Having User Generated Content gives your customers a voice where they can be heard. With social networks being so accessible, companies who aren’t hosting UGC are missing out on connecting with their community.
Linking the gap between social and ecommerce is a new trend for most companies. However, giving a voice to your community through photots and videos is paying dividens. Learn more about ugc and request a demo here.


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