Product Update: Reviews

Word-of-mouth marketing and user-generated content is quickly becoming a critical part of digital marketing strategies. User review platforms are becoming one of the most effective tools for online marketers to give customers a platform to express their opinion with the product or service. Further it’s a great opportunity for brands to offer a new level of transparency that fosters trust and builds loyalty among their current and potential customers.

According to the latest data by eMarketer, reviews are trusted 12 times more than product descriptions written by the company itself.  Review platforms such as Bazaarvoice, have become a main staple for e-commerce websites, providing a host of benefits for markers such as improving search rankings, offering higher levels of engagement and more repeat customers.

Understanding that video is the next step in this review and user-generated content revolution, we here at VideoGenie are very excited to roll out our new video review platform. Video not only allows the brand to engage directly with customer, but draw on the visceral emotion and opinion that can only be expressed with seeing the actual customer delivers their message.

Video review  features include:

  • Displaying the most helpful reviews in a Highlight Reel.

  • A full gallery of all video reviews, which can be sorted by relevance, date and most helpful

  • In addition to the video review, a star-rating and short text description

  • Complete integration with social channels