Product Update: Brightcove Integration

If you’re a digital marketer or IT professional who regularly deals with online video, then you’ve likely heard of Brightcove. With more than 6,300 customers, including heavyweights like Showtime, Macy’s, GM, Citrix, and NBCUniversal, Brightcove has established itself as one of the industry leaders in publishing and distributing online video.  Because of this, we’ve decided to integrate our system with Brightcove as well just to make the VideoGenie service that much sweeter.

While VideoGenie specializes in capture, moderation, analysis, display and distribution of online video content, many of our clients were powering much of their produced content through Brightcove. Incidentally, they oftentimes wanted to include user-generated content in their Brightcove distribution channels as well. Well, it is now possible! We’ve integrated with the Brightcove API so that all of our clients, with one click, can take the content they’ve solicited and aggregated through the VideoGenie platform and distribute it to Brightcove (in addition to displaying the content in any one of our display galleries). This integration adds to our arsenal, as we currently facilitate the one-click distribution of content to YouTube, Brightcove, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email.