Planning + Building customer storytelling automation

As we discussed in our post about Creating a reason for customers to share their story a small subset of your community is willing to share their story for free. While we would encourage you to reward customers for taking the time to share their story, we did want to pass along a few tips if you do choose to do an unincentivized customer storytelling program.

  1. Use automated, post-purchase emails – if you sell products online, this is a great and continuous way to receive customer stories. Add in a request for a customer story immediately after purchase, upon receipt, and at regular intervals thereafter. This way you’re able to “fire and forget”, and have the potential to gain a new story every time you gain a new customer.
  2. Confirmation page – similarly, immediately after purchase is the first time on your site when you can request a story from your new customer.
  3. Homepage display – high trafficked areas can not only provide more exposure for your content, but also serve as a motivator for people to share their own story
  4. Social posts – post your best stories to your social channels. The storyteller will appreciate the shoutout, and the example can spur on other customers to share their own story
  5. Start with a contest – even if you don’t want to continuously provide an incentive for your community, you can nudge things in the right direction if you start with a concerted push behind the request for stories. Sweepstakes and contests are great ways to get some intial content from which you can build

By building these automated processes, you can ensure that you continue to get stories as often as possible.

Interested in learning more? Check out our webinar on The Science of Storytelling to learn more about how you can get started, or check out our Customer Storytelling Campaign Checklist to learn more about what you can do to get started today.