Our Secret Sauce: How StoryBox Delivers Your Most Valuable Community-Generated Content


With the VideoGenie Storybox, companies can now empower all of their greatest advocates regardless of where they spend their time online. Be it on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, or Facebook, if you have passionate consumers singing your company’s praises, chances are you’d like to leverage their excitement and put it to use on your company’s digital properties. With StoryBox, this is now easier than ever. StoryBox provides an extremely efficient means to find all the most powerful sentiment about your brand – tweets,  posts, YouTube videos, Instagram photos  and videos , vines etc.- and distributes this content across all digital properties, be it owned, earned, or paid channels. No longer is your community  confined within a social channel to engage and interact with the brand. With StoryBox, we’re amplifying interactions on social,  cherry-picking the most compelling community-generated content  from social and distributing it across the web. And that’s not all. If your community is on your company website, a dedicated microsite, or some other branded channel, they can join the conversation and record or upload videos and photos there too. That’s the high level. Let’s take a look at the nuts and bolts.


mountain-hardwear-videogenie Gather (how we find your most compelling community-generated content) With StoryBox we’re able to leverage the plethora of community-generated content on YouTube, Twitter,  Instagram, Facebook, and Vine and pull that right into the StoryBox gallery. Through a company hashtag (e.g Nike’s. iconic slogan #justdoit), or a newly created thematic hashtag or keyword created by the brand (e.g. #Nike, Nike) we can find the best content out there and view the firehose of compelling tweets, posts, vines, and instagrams directly through the VideoGenie dashboard.  

Create While the ability to aggregate content from existing social channels is the new shiny toy of StoryBox, what really sets this technology apart, and all VideoGenie tech in general, is our ability to enable your community to create new content directly in the gallery. Be it through a webcam, smartphone, file upload, or banner ad, all of our galleries, StoryBox included, allow for the easy creation of new content. With a built-in timer, prompt to keep the end-user on topic, and re-record and replay functionality, we make it dead simple for your community to join the conversation at any time.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.37.49 PM

Filter / Sentiment Analysis StoryBox’s proprietary filtering and sentiment analysis capabilities allows us to search through the trove of consumer content, and surface all of those tweets, posts, Instagrams, videos etc. that you’re actually after. This data product allows us to break through the noise and move content that you’ll most likely love to the front of the queue for approval. Posts with profanity, negative connotations, or otherwise unpleasant copy will be pushed to the bottom of the queue, while those posts showcasing your company’s true evangelists will rise up.


Since StoryBox does most of the heavy lifting, the moderation process is truly a breeze.  Administrators of the account can log in to the VideoGenie dashboard to review the content StoryBox has surfaced, and green-light the content you agree is most compelling. After selecting the community-generated content you love, these folks who produced this marketing gold will be reached out to through a direct message on the platform they initially participated on, asking them for their permission for the brand to leverage the content. All the consumer has to do is click a “yes” or a “no” button, expressing their response. If “yes”, the content will immediately be displayed in the gallery. If no, “no soup for you!”


Most of our clients tend to leverage the StoryBox in multiple places. We see a lot of success with clients including a StoryBox on their FB tab, on a dedicated micro-site, and up on their web site. Oftentimes it’s a challenge to get the front page real estate on your company’s home page. No sweat. We see a lot of success with clients who create a sub-domain, typically with a backslash “community” or “testimonials”. Exhibit A: http://www.cordblood.com/community/ This is where all of the approved content appears.


Once you have these very rich and visually engaging galleries across your brands’ digital properties, sharing becomes the name of the game. If you’re looking to generate virality, drive massive organic traffic boosts, and continue to accelerate the overall excitement and awareness,  lean on your community to spread the word. Many of our clients will utilize our gamification techniques to reward their community for spreading the good word. Weekly prizes, leaderboard emails, and head-to-head comparisons can accelerate participation and amplify performance. We also provide the ability for customers to not only consume content from these social platforms (like the Facebook newsfeed), but also contribute new content through our SocialBox. We’ve all been able to watch video directly in the newsfeed for years. With SocialBox, you can now participate as well!

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.30.45 PM



This is the good stuff.  Our system scores every interaction and engagement metric. Clicks, completions, average viewing time, votes, shares – you name it. Each metric is taken into consideration in our proprietary engagement algorithm. The content with the highest score is then featured more prominently and frequently in the gallery. We figure out what’s working and make sure it gets the most daylight. This is also how we’re able to track and reward those brand evangelists who are pushing the extra weight and generating that word-of-mouth that every marketer is after.   If you’re interested in learning more about the VideoGenie StoryBox,  please feel free to Request a Demo.