Making your customers feel like rockstars

As Andy Warhol said back in 198 (and is often misquoted), “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” He certainly was on the mark – today we have artists going from a YouTube video to a global sensation virtually overnight, American Idol turning everyday musicians into multi-platinum record holders, and viral videos/photos receiving more views that Superbowl ads.

Part of this is psychology – making customers feel seen and heard, and making them know that they are a valued part of your community. A step as simple as adding reviews or testimonials to your digital properties signals that you are a brand that deeply values and respects your customers and their opinions about your brand.

You can also take this further, by incorporating customer stories into your ads. It’s important to note that this will have an impact – both positive and negative – on customer participation in your storytelling program.


  • 42% of customers are more likely to share their opinion if it will be featured an ad: this is the segment of your community that wants their fifteen minutes in the spotlight.
  • 32% of customers are neutral about having their opinion featured in an ad. You’ve got nothing to lose with this large segment
  • 26% of customers are less likely to share their opinion if they know you will feature it in an ad: this is understandable; people vary in their privacy and willingness to share publicly.

What does this mean for your brand? Well, first it’s important to remember that these numbers may vary for your community. However, with 74% of most customers being more likely to share (or unaffected), we believe you have more to gain than to lose by using publicity as an incentive. Not only will it result in more overall participation, but it will also attract those customers with a bias towards showmanship (resulting in higher quality content).

So, what are some ways that you can make your customers feel like rockstars? Here are a few ideas you should consider:

  • Are they rewarded? Rockstars get paid. If people are taking the time and effort to share their story with you, it’s only respectful that you reward them for this time. Be considerate and make sure you have a rewards system in place for participants. More info on rewards to consider here.
  • Are they in the spotlight? Rockstars get visibility. Where are you featuring these stories? Your answer to that question is a powerful indication of how much value you place on your customer’s opinions. See our Science of Storytelling 2 webinar for thoughts on where to promote you stories – there are more places than you’d expect
  • Are they prepared? Rockstars get soundchecks, makeup, and coaching. Are you providing them with all the information and guidance they need to create a story of quality? Check out some tips for that here. Are they looking and sounding their best? Depending on the campaign you’re running, consider adding simple effects like titles, overlays, greenscreens, and filters to make them feel and look their best.
  • Are they VIPs? Rockstars don’t stand in line; they get perks. Apart from the reward you provide your customers, think of other ways to make them feel special. Follow-up on their submissions by thanking them. This can be automated, but still in such a way as it enhances the customers feeling of importance. Promote top stories on social channels with shout outs to the customer. Invite them to events, provide them with advanced offers… make them feel like the rockstars they are!

If you treat your customers like rockstars, they’ll act like it – and you and your prospective customers will be blown away by the results.

Interested in learning more? Check out our webinar on The Science of Storytelling to learn more about how you can get started, or check out our Customer Storytelling Campaign Checklist to learn more about what you can do to get started today.