L2 Generation Next Forum

On May 14, 2010, we traveled to New York to present at TheTimesCenter for the L2 Generation Next Forum, hosted by Luxury Lab.  The forum featured 250 luxury brand executives discussing the latest trends in the media industry. The goal was to share our innovative ideas and find various ways to reach out to the current generation of consumers, Generation Y.

We were invited as one of 22 presenters at the forum, along with representatives from The Economist, Teen Vogue and U.S. Congress. As the final presentation, we talked about the impact of video and the power of dynamic, authentic customer engagement in interacting with Generation Y consumers.

Additionally, we were excited to be selected as one of 4 companies to be offered a demo table at TheTimesCenter. This gave us the opportunity to meet forum attendees individually and record their reactions to the conference.

The L2 Generation Next Forum was an incredible opportunity to share insight and collaborate on what will be most appealing to the Generation Y consumer. We were thrilled to present VideoGenie’s unique platform and be featured alongside prestigious brand executives.