Knowing What Excites Your Fan Base: Win a Free Mobile Makeover!

Republic Wireless is know for it’s innovative approach to mobile and smartphone service. It offers its customers with unlimited data, talk and text for as little as $19/month, with NO contract. Now who wouldn’t love that!

Republic wanted to increase engagement on its Facebook fan page and generate user-generated videos, so it turned to VideoGenie. Specifically, it had these several key goals in mind:

1) To engage the small, but dedicated, Republic Facebook community,

2) Have new users become excited about Republic’s wireless offering, and

3) Use successful videos to create a powerful and authentic video ad.

Republic Wireless launched the “Win a Free Mobile Makeover” campaign with the support of the VideoGenie platform. It offered its fans a chance daily to win a mobile makeover (i.e., a new smartphone + 6 a month contract). Also, it followed up by posting daily winners’ videos directly to the Facebook News Feed, thus re-engaging with fans and continuously promoting the campaign throughout the month.

The Results:

  • Received over 300 video submission.

  • Over 40% of users who viewed the campaign recorded a video.

  • 42% of visitors to their page ended up watching a video, with the average viewer watching over 3.46 minutes of video content.

  • Increased their Facebook fans by a whopping 97.25% in less than 1 month!

This campaign illustrated how important it is to know what incentive to offer your fans. In this case, Republic understood that its user base loved a good value; and therefore, would jump at a chance to win a mobile makeover.

Check out the full case study here!