Knowing what stories work – data on customer responses to storytelling

In our recent post about Selecting a Customer Storytelling Medium we presented an array of data about how customers like to share their stories. One of the observations we made was that, while 81% of customers are willing to share their story by a simple star rating, this drops to 25% and 10% for photo and video, respectively.

While most customers are less likely to share their story by video and photo, the impact of these stories is significantly greater than that of stories by text or star ratings. However, don’t take our word for it, let’s look at the numbers.

When it comes to customer engagement, video is far and away the highest impact medium. Specifically, videos result in:

  • 4.5X longer hover over than photos
  • 2.2X longer hover over than text
  • 60% longer view time than photos
  • 41% longer view time than text

This makes sense; we are a video nation. TV and movies captivate the attention of all age groups, and draws viewers in deeper than text and simple imagery can do.

Visual content – photos and videos – also drive the most interaction with customers. Specifically:

  • Video results in 37% more clicks than photos
  • Video results in 223% more clicks than text
  • Photos result in 134% more clicks than text

So, if you’re looking to drive more interaction with your community, adding photos or videos to your posts, ads, or website content is a great way to increase that interaction.

We could go on for pages and pages about this – you can’t shake a stick these days without seeing a stat supporting the power of visual content. But here are just a few that we find quite compelling – we hope you do too!

  • 1.8M – the equivalent amount of words that would express the same amount of information as one minute of video
  • 90% – the amount of information that is transmitted to the brain visually
  • 3X – the increase in traffic for posts with video vs. text
  • 100% – the increase in time on site for retailers with video
  • 40% – the amount of people who respond better to visual content than text
  • 90% – the amount of online shoppers who find video helpful in making buying decisions
  • 64% – how much more likely a customer is to buy a product with an online video

With so much evidence in support of making your content visual, it’s a no-brainer for brands of any size to start investing in creating more visual content. Customer storytelling is a powerful way to get your biggest advocates to start doing this on your behalf!