Introducing YouTube content aggregation

VideoGenie is proud to announce the latest addition to our StoryBox, which is the ability to search for and display content from YouTube.  All you need to do is specify any relevant key words or search terms, and our system will find all the related content on YouTube.  Within seconds, you can review these videos and with one click, approve or disapprove of this content.

As you approve these videos, StoryBox will pull them into the displays on your digital properties.  Our analytics will measure to see how each piece of content is performing – is this video driving more time on site, more sales, more clicks and interactions?  If so, our system will start to feature it more frequently and prominently.

As always, these analytics are available within your VideoGenie dashboard so that you can start to learn more about the types of content your customers are responding to.

This means that you can now display photos, text, videos, Tweets, Instagram photos, and YouTube videos all as part of a unified display.  That’s a lot of customer love to showcase!