Introducing StoryBox’s Visible Roadmap

I’m excited to announce a new addition to our StoryBox dashboard – Visible Roadmap. StoryBox is a company built on the power of authenticity, and allowing customers to have a voice in the brands they love. We’re taking this to heart by providing our clients with a voice in the products we build.

Starting today our clients can submit feature requests within their StoryBox dashboard. Additionally, they will be able to see and vote for feature requests submitted by other members of the StoryBox community. We are devoting 25% of our product roadmap to devote to the top voted feature requests. Our intention in doing this is to give our clients more ownership of our product direction.

Why 25%? We’re big fans of Henry Ford’s quote, “If I listened to my customers, I would have built a faster horse.” We’ve still got a lot of ideas about products and features we’re excited to build, and we want to ensure the majority of our team’s time is devoted to our shared product vision. However, we’re very excited to involve our clients in more of this direction – some of our best features have come from the StoryBox community’s recommendations.

How it Works:

Visible Roadmap for StoryBox from Get StoryBox on Vimeo.


In the new “Roadmap” section of our dashboard, our clients are now able to see features that have been requested by other members of the StoryBox community. Visible Roadmap provides some basic structure for Feature Requests – whether it relates to Analytics, Display Modules, Product Tagging, Searching for Content, other other aspects of our product.

If one of our clients agrees with the need for the feature, they can “Upvote” that item. They can also comment on a given feature to add their perspective, or provide ideas on how the feature would best work. Similarly, if they disagree with the feature, they can “Downvote” that item.

The Feature Request are ranked based on the number of Upvotes they’ve received – that way it’s easy to see the top voted item from the StoryBox community. At the start of each engineering sprint cycle, we’ll pick the top items to work on. Those who have submitted this feature or voted for it will be notified that their Feature Request is now in the process of being built. They can also see the date on which it will be delivered.

We’re excited to make our development process more transparent, and give our customers a louder voice in the products we build.