How to Supercharge Your VideoGenie Campaign: Consider Incentives

There are brand advocates out there who love your company and can’t be overlooked. According to a finding by Zuberance, 40 percent of customers are brand advocates or, in other words, they’d recommend a product or brand they love to others without being paid to do so. When harnessed and activated properly, they have the ability to tremendously amplify engagement levels by spreading the word about your brand amongst their wide social networks.

Forrester Research found that while they are only a fraction of the population, brand advocates (or Mass Influencers in Forrester’s report) are responsible for the majority of impressions and posts about products and services throughout social channels. Leveraging brand advocates is one of the most important things you can do in your social media marketing strategy.

Try Some Incentives

But what’s the best way to engage and activate these brand advocates? There are many techniques – but in this post, we’d like to focus on incentives.

Incentives? Wouldn’t that go against the definition of a brand advocate, an individual who is such a fan of a brand that they take ownership in helping it succeed by voluntarily promoting the company on their own time? Not at all.

Incentives (cash rewards, exclusive prizes, award programs, sweepstakes etc.) shouldn’t be confused with payments or controversy. In fact, some of the best incentives have been non-monetary, such as free samples or access to exclusive offers.

Proper execution of incentives during a word-of-mouth marketing campaign is a very effective way to activate your brand advocates. As JD Rucker from Soshable describes in his post Beyond Engagement: How to Find & Build Brand Ambassadors: incentives “can capture advocates’ attention and create a sense of urgency.” It also lets brand advocates know that they’re valued and appreciated.

Incentives Work

VideoGenie found that two brands had great results after an incentive was implemented during their social video marketing campaigns.

Brand #1 chose an incentive of weekly gift certificates and a final grand prize donation for a fan’s charity of choice. Two weeks after the incentive, there was more than a 3300% increase in splashes (number of times VideoGenie’s player loads) and more than 13,138% increase in record loads (number of times VideoGenie’s recorder loads).

Brand #2 saw even more dramatic results. Two weeks after implementing incentives during their VideoGenie campaign, video recordings increased over 600%. There was also a 300% increase in splashes, 172% increase in record loads, and a whopping 1200% increase in video shares.

Incentives ‘can capture advocates’ attention and create a sense of urgency.’

But There Are Caveats

Building a successful brand ambassador program requires genuine and planned community building and engagement. This takes thought and time. Transparency is paramount and you should never promise or exchange incentives for one-time, one-sided benefits. Brand advocates should never feel like you’re forcing them to be fake and inauthentic in their praise.

Brand advocates are instrumental because of their ability to help others recognize value in products and companies, and for the useful information they can provide to other consumers. They genuinely get happiness from helping other consumers make great decisions. If you want open and respectful communications about your brand, it’s a two-way street.