How to Incentivize and Engage Your Fans!

Recently, wanted to generate leads and increase engagement with entrants as part of their “Enter to win $5000.00 a week for life” campaign. They turned to VideoGenie’s contest solution to capture video submissions. Entrants were encouraged to record a video and share it as part of the submission process. didn’t just stop there, they also repurposed the content on other social channels allowing the entrants a platform to amplify “why they should win!”

The Results:

1. Over 9000 video submission over a 3-month period.

2.  20% of all entrants completed the record process who entered.

3.  Average user time onsite of 13 mins.

4. Generated +50,000 new leads!

Not too shabby… for adding a video UGC component to the campaign. Here, did a great job of aligning the promotion and incentive to the business objective– i.e., generating more leads. It just goes to show, if you understand what motivates your target audience and align the right incentive to motivate them, you’ll drive great results.

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