How To Gather Video Testimonials

Few doubt that strong customer testimonials are absolutely essential for every business. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most relied upon marketing strategy of all time. To this day, there isn’t a more effective marketing tool. But how do companies easily gather testimonials from their clients? How can you make it easy for those brand evangelists to record a quick video testimonial on behalf of your company? If you have a great brand, and people are strong supporters, chances are they’d be more than happy to record a video testimonial for you – if the process isn’t terribly cumbersome and over-the-top. This should be dead simple. And this is exactly where VideoGenie comes in. Below are a few tips on how to easily collect video testimonials:

 Reach out to those supporters directly

If your company is still around, chances are there are folks out there who are quite happy with your product(s). If that’s the case, you owe it to your company to find those folks and ask them to give a testimonial or some sort of endorsement on behalf of your brand. But don’t make it difficult for them. You need to do all the heavy lifting. If you have an email list of a number of customers who have given you positive NPS ratings, or some other internal tracking method you’re using to track those customers that love you, leverage that. Set up a dedicated email where you very coherently ask those folks to take 30 seconds out of their day to record a testimonial on your behalf.

Social media is another really great place to reach out to these brand advocates. Send out a few tweets, LinkedIn posts, and Facebook posts asking your community to record a quick video testimonial for you. Include a link to service like VideoGenie in the post, and include a previous testimonial for social proof. You know the old bartender trick where you put a few dollars in the tip jar at the beginning of the night to show that people are actually tipping you (!), use a similar technique here. Show off one of your other great video testmonials you’ve already collected in the post, and let the user record a video right in the post.

Include the link, call-to-action, and easy to digest instructions on how to make this happen 

The degree of customer participation will largely depend on how convenient you make it to leave a review from your website. By including a direct link from your brand’s social media channels or integrating a video-recording unit into your landing page, you will reduce the amount of time needed to leave a review and increase the number of videos recorded.  To entice more online video testimonials, give away a prize with monetary value, or exclusive prizes, like tickets to a sold out event. The better the prize, the more likely you will collect higher quality videos.

Give them a reason to record today, not tomorrow

Setting up a video contest can generate plenty of positive feedback for your product or brand and creates authentic user generated content (UGC). There are a variety of contests you can conduct depending on the types of testimonials you want to promote your business. You might prefer product testimonials, service testimonials, or even overall business testimonials. Once you have decided, establish a clear prompt or guidelines for what you are looking for from your participants, and your video testimonial types are endless.

Try adding a voting element to your video contest as well. The competition will get your customers both excited and engaged. Entrants will want to win by getting the most votes on their video and are likely to share your contest and their entry with their friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Tell them why this is important

Be honest about your intentions and explain why word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to tell your brand’s story.  Allow your loyal customers to understand why their personal stories and experiences are important to providing feedback to your business and spreading the word about your brand.

Tell them how you will use this content

It’s important to share with your customers how the user-generated content you collect will be used or displayed in the future.  In certain cases, this can actually boost customer participation. For example, as apart of their “Shape What’s to Come” campaign, Levi’s used 2 hours of the video they collected to create a poignant online ad. As a result, Levi’s engaged their loyal customers and inspired 98,000 new Facebook fans.


What do they get out of it?

For those beloved customers who contribute video testimonials and don’t win a prize, they will be left with the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped a trusted business to spread the word about a product or service they love.

How does VideoGenie make it so simple?

By integrating into any website or landing page, VideoGenie’s technology makes it simple for customers to record and share their testimonials on a variety of social media channels. VideoGenie’s video galleries are resizeable, embeddable, and can be used for video reviews, contests, testimonials, storytelling and more. This allows you to broadcast your best content across thousands of websites and collect even more content simultaneously.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the brands that have utilized VideoGenie’s technology to creatively harness the power and authenticity of video, check out a variety of use-cases here.