How To Drive Conversions from Instagram

How many times have you scrolled through your Instagram feed today? For most people reading this article I imagine it is built into your daily routine right alongside brushing your teeth and getting dressed for work. Instagram has become one of the most engaging social network and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Check out these statistics below via Instagram’s Press Page:

78-user stats

The numbers speak for themselves, but when you look closer into the demographics of users it becomes even more staggering. Of the 300 million monthly actives, 73%  are between the ages of 15-35 years old. Those people between 15-35 years old are known as millennials. Crunching the cold hard facts, that equates to 219 million millennials using Instagram every single month.

Instagram has been capitalizing on their unique photo-centric experience since the beginning. There is no exterior noise, no loud popups and targeted articles. Instagram is loved by so many because of the power of visual user-generated content. Pick your followers and you are immediately immersed in a story of their lives told through digestible, curated images. Through this narrow vision, Instagram has cultivated one of the most engaged platforms on the Internet. And marketers are following. But marketing on Instagram is different, and the brands that are winning are taking a very strategic, native approach to how they cultivate fans and build their audience in an Instagram wold. Brands that are excelling are focused on developing their niche through highly curated, native posts that speak to their laser-focused brand ethos.

According to a recent study conducted by Iconosquare, 37% of Instagramers follow between 1 to 5 brand accounts and 32% of Instagramers follow more than 5 brand accounts. Because people still have the ability to choose the companies they follow and aren’t bombarded with retargeting ads, the experience is completely unlike that of traditional marketing. Instagram is walking the line carefully and brands/marketers are reaping some of the benefits (but could be driving even more conversions….cliffhanger! I’ll get to that soon).

After Millennials are done perusing Instagram, what else are they doing on their smartphones? Online shopping. Millennials spend 14.5 hours per week on their smartphones (Nanigans), and one of the fastest growing trends is Mobile Commerce. In 2014 ⅓ of all eCommerce purchases came from a mobile phone and those numbers continue to rise. This past January mobile phones generated 53% of total online visits, an 18% increase from a year ago (Internet Retailer).79-half iphone

Marketers are very in-tune with the massive shift to mobile commerce and are aware of the audience Instagram provides. While Instagram remains solely dedicated to keeping their massive audience growing and living within the confines of Instagram, new cutting-edge techniques allow savvy marketers to take their massive Instagram followings and drive conversion from Instagram to their website. To date, the vast majority of brand accounts have a link to their website in the description. But is that enough?

Product photos on Instagram are an extremely powerful way to market to Instagramers, but let’s put yourself in buyer’s shoes. If you see an interesting product on Instagram and you’d like to shop that product, there are a number of steps required before you can actually find and add that product to your shopping cart. You may be hard-pressed to find the right product name, where it is on the site, how to search for it etc. The time it takes to complete this process could easily be interrupted by a text from a friend, a quick Facebook visit or an email check.

The key with mobile-marketing is to get the consumer on product pages ASAP, and brands like StoryBox have found an affordable and seamless way to streamline the process. With their newest product, stylepick, brands like Stampd and Esther Boutique have added a shoppable Instagram feed directly into their Instagram description so your followers will be quick converted to paying customers.

Stylepick allows brands to recreate their Instagram feed via the stylepick URL so the user a step away from browsing a shoppable Instagram feed, with one click driving users from an Instagram photo to that exact product detail page. Users can also view “My Likes” so they can shop any photo they’ve previously liked. Rather than getting lost in the mobile eCommerce experience, Instagramers will have no problem finding those curated products they love, and being able to immediately purchase their favorite products from your Instagram feed.

The early adopters have already began taking advantage of and these brands are seeing impressive results. Many of our clients have reported to be their leading eCommerce traffic driver.  Conversions are up, time on site is staggering,  ROI is clear, and the games have just begun.

Interested in learning more? This is a solution StoryBox has made available for $250/mo. No annual commitment required. Give it a try today and see if you can drive ROI from Instagram by signing up here.


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