How to Create a Great Video Product Review Campaign

Now that consumers are armed with smart phones and cheap webcams, video product reviews are becoming a critical component of any eCommerce experience.  User-generated reviews’ influence on purchase behavior has been well documented in the digital environment. A recent study by the Kelsey Group found that consumers were willing to pay, on average, 20% more for products that received a 4-star rating or higher.  The best user-generated video reviews contain similar effective sales elements as a professional produced commercial. Thus, giving your customers a visual platform will only enhance their purchase process, providing them with authentic and real world information about your product. As you begin to map out your video strategy, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

1. Keep it short.  Your audiences is busy, so respect their time by keeping the video review short and to the point. VideoGenie has designed our platform specifically to keep your customers on task by adding a timer and prompt to the record process. This way you get great video reviews that are engaging and helpful to watch.

2. Ask questions that focus on the product and ask the reviewer to discuss it equitably. The prompt question should ask the reviewer to focus on the product, as well as  be objective and honest in their assessment. Remind your audience to provide details about the product’s qualities, including both highlights and failings. Also (for your product managers) this is a great way to get personal product feedback.

3. Concentrate on the primary features and what they do. With limited time, prompt your reviewers to focus on a few key features, which make the product unique and/or failings. Don’t just have them recite facts, but make the experience personal by explaining how the product features help make the reviewer’s everyday life easier.

4. Don’t read from a script.  When preparing for the review, jot down a few talking points in order to keep on track, but you can ad-lib to make the review natural and conversational.