How Mobile, Social, and Video are taking over the world @Moontoast


Just yesterday, Co-Founder and CTO of Moontoast, Marcus Whitney, a Social Rich Media Ad Platform, provided a very detailed synopsis on the landscape of the internet today as it pertains to digital advertising. Author Marcus Whitney believes wholeheartedly that social, mobile, and video have caused a monumental shift in the way people consume content. And the numbers support his claim.

Taking key insights from Kleiner Perkins Partner Mary Meeker’s 2013 report on Internet Trends, Whitney accurately points out that the most important internet trend of this year is mobile. It seems like Silicon Valley enthusiasts have been claiming this for years now, but this year the observations are truly becoming a reality.

Mobile is the only medium growing in meaningful terms for time spent by consumers. Despite this reality, marketers have not caught up. As Whitney discusses, mobile has the greatest gap between percentage of advertising spend (~3% and growing) vs. percentage of time spent on the medium by consumers (~12% and growing). While mobile skyrockets in usage, both print consumption and advertising are declining precipitously (~23% and ~6%, respectively).

As Whitney goes on to articulate, the momentum on mobile is only picking up pace. eMarketer projects that 18% ($7.65B) of digital ad spending in 2013 will go to mobile, but by 2016, mobile as a channel will represent 39% ($22.1B) of all digital ad spend. Holy cow!

The other jaw-dropping trends are Social, Video, and Rich Media. Video will grow a staggering 11% in U.S. digital ad spend, going from 19% ($2.9B) in 2013 to 30% ($9.1B) in 2017 according to eMarketer. Additionally, Rich Media will experience an also impressive rise in adoption ($1.5B to $3.1B), These trends, along with the mass adoption and stickiness of Social Media networks mean one thing: Marketers – forget those glossy print ads, and billboards on the 101. Instead, focus your time and energy on mobile, social, and video. You won’t be disappointed.

I highly encourage you to check out Marcus Whitney’s (Moontoast CTO and Co-Founder) latest blog post. He does a tremendous job providing the data, insight, and analysis behind much of these realities. We know the Moontoast team is on the forefront of these developments, and we’re thrilled to be their trusted partner in crime.