How 3 Ecommerce Sites Successfully Integrated User-Generated Content

User-generated content has been advantageously used by a number of organizations. The concept first received international acclaim when GoPro began to publish vastly popular consumer generated videos on its YouTube channel. The success of their user generated campaign was seen when the company spent $50,000 in marketing campaigns to more than doubled its income to $24.6 Million from 2010 – 2011. In 2013, GoPro repeated the performance by reducing marketing costs to $41,000, while simultaneously making $28 Million more in net income.

The successes of GoPro’s marketing has inspired us to further examine how ecommerce sites can employ similar tactics via user generated content campaigns. User-generated content gives consumers a voice and can help to maximize sales revenue, while also building brand affinity and trust. Below are a look at three ecommerce sites that have taken user generated content to a whole new level of marketing success.

Urban Outfitters Brand Endorsement Campaign
Urban Outfitters recently used user-generated content to harness the high number of brand endorsements that they were receiving on a multitude of social media platforms. They created an on-site user-generated content gallery of customer photos. Each photo was linked directly to the product page of the customer’s purchased item. Their campaign resulted in a time on-site increase of 45 seconds. Due to the campaign, Urban Outfitters also realized a 15 percent shopping rate improvement.

Mountain Hardwear #FindingWinter Campaign
Mountain Hardwear took a page from GoPro’s book and encouraged its consumers to share their adventures. With the help of StoryBox, Mountain Hardwear created the#FindingWinter campaign to encourage their local community to go out and share winter adventures. The campaign improved brand awareness, increased user engagement, and resulted in a continued effort of leveraging user-generated content.

Rent the Runway – Our Runway Campaign
Rent the Runway is a popular ecommerce site that allows users to rent high-end dresses for a fraction of their retail prices. Three years into the ecommerce venture, the company decided to act upon user feedback. The result was Our Runway, a microsite that encourages users to “get inspired by customer photos.”

Our Runway allows shoppers to search based on a variety of criteria, including: height, bust, age, and size. Shoppers can view an array of images that feature countless women in the same gown. This unique website is based on user-generated content and has resulted in a 200 percent increase in purchases.

Concluding Thoughts
It is no secret that user-generated content can be used in a variety of ways. From hashtag campaigns to video creations and the power of social media, user-generated content can help to enhance brand awareness, increase engagement, and improve sales. With an unlimited array of marketing options, isn’t it time that you added user-generated content to your ecommerce site?

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