Honda Responds to Customer Tweets With Real-Time Vine Videos @mashable


We recently learned from the folks over at @Mashable that this past Monday Honda launched a very new effort on Social Media. Honda has decided to respond to tweets from customers with real-time Vine videos as part of a new ad campaign.

As part of Honda’s summer clearance effort, Honda employees are standing by, ready to dish out their personalized Vine videos to all customers tweeting at the Japanese motor company via #wantnewcar. As you can see from the Mashable article, there are some pretty compelling seed videos to entice all these Honda loyalists to turn their old Honda in for a new one. We’ve done some searching via #wantnewcar in the Twittersphere, and there’s some pretty great stuff out there.

We here at VideoGenie are thrilled to see new, game-changing marketing moves in the world of consumer-generated video. With the advent of social, companies are more transparent than ever, and they have the ability to tap into the power of their customers, and allow these people to engage with their brand. We’re excited to see Honda innovate and push the boundaries in the world of Social Media, and can’t wait to see how other brands attempt to enter the party. Text was so last year. Let the consumer-generated video world take this game to the next level.

Keep your eyes peeled for all that’s hot and happening in the world of online user-generated video. We’re thrilled to be a part of such an exciting landscape!