‘Fun Home’ Wins Best Musical and Wins the Internet

The Tony’s, the biggest night in Broadway, has initiated another production into the highest echelon of popular culture. “Fun Home” has ascended into the mainstream by claiming this year’s Best Musical prize. Rising tides raise all ships, but in the fickle world of the internet there can only be one true winner. Within social media, the award has become a pop culture tipping point allowing the winner’s brand to reach new markets and new audiences that may never have caught wind of the production.

TONY’s Twitter by the Numbers 

89,000 unique authors
323,00 tweets
497,657,000 impressions 1

The digital marketing strategy leading up to the Tony’s was on point. The social media strategists behind the scenes at the Tony’s used this call to action “Help Us Hit a Million #Broadway Tags on Instagram” to increase the total number of #Broadway hastags by over 100,000 posts on the night of the ceremony. The gamification incentive used in this campaign was that the 1,000,000th person to post the #broadway hastag would have that post featured in Times Square. (so if you’re in NYC keep an eye out for some UGC)




The “Fun Home” Instagram account posted the following user created content aimed at tapping into the creative talents of their cast and fans in the hours leading up to the awards ceremony. The post was created by the star of their production, Sydney Lucas, who delivered the Tony’s best and most engaging social media performance of the night.

You can see her performance from the Tony’s on NPR by clicking here.


81-cartoon caption


Collaborating with key influencers on social media has been a time tested strategy, and the producers of “Fun Home” successfully extended brand awareness by collaborating with the top influencers in the theatrical community.

By encouraging these influencers, such as Andrew Rannells, to share inspirational content, “Fun Home” tapped into the social proof formula aimed at connecting with millennials where they spend “5.4 hours a day with content created by their peers.” This represents 30% of their total media time –  rivaled only by print, radio, and television combined (33%).”
82-written caption
An estimated 6.35 million people saw the Tonys, compared to seven million last year — but the “Fun Home” producers said they were confident that many more would learn about the awards through news coverage and social media. 2

The producers were right. In a statment this week in the New York Times the producers said they, “saw a striking uptick in ticket sales, which quadrupled on both Sunday and Monday, and people who oversee programming at theaters around the country said the show would be more stageable beyond New York now that it had won the Tony for best new musical.” 3

The producer’s of “Fun Home”  took full advantage of their big night and used user-generated social media strategy spread the word far and wide that the production is here to stay.

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