Brands: Why your customers are better sales people than you are

Since the earliest days of commerce word of mouth has been the most powerful way to spread the word about a business, and in the age of instant communication and constant contact, what your customers say about your business is more important than ever. Modern consumers have become jaded, and they are much less likely to listen to your company’s message than consumers were even just a generation ago, so you have to approach sales and marketing in a different way. In today’s business climate your best salesperson and most innovative advertising strategies will never be as powerful a seller as a single satisfied customer for four reasons.

  1. Customers are real and authentic–The biggest problem that companies face with branding right now is that consumers are so disillusioned with big business that they don’t trust what the company has to say. Your commercials and print advertising can make all the claims in the world about how good your products are, but consumers tend to see those statements as mere exaggerations designed to lure them into buying a subpar product. When your satisfied customers provide feedback to their friends and family, or they post product reviews online, other consumers see those statements as real and authentic. This is the reason why you must advocate product reviews and encourage consumers to spread your positive brand message.
  2. Customers are proven and reliable–Alongside the authenticity that comes from consumers when you advocate product reviews is the authority that they provide. Your customers have a voice that is trusted by their friends and family, so they speak with an authority your company cannot match on its own.
  3. Customers are simple and approachable–Unless you run a small mom and pop organization, consumers see businesses as faceless and distant. They don’t think that you respond to their complaints or that you are interested in what they have to say. On the other hand, when satisfied customers talk about your products they appear to be simple and approachable. They can answer easy questions like “how long did it take to get your order” or “did you have a problem making a return” in ways that are easy to understand and speak to the needs of similar consumers.
  4. Customers are innovative and dynamic–Traditional marketing always had the advantage of reaching a large number of people at a time, especially with media buy-ins and print material. The failure of this type of marketing is that it takes a long time to change the message and it is limited in the type of consumer that it can reach. Consumers who give feedback offer a constantly evolving voice for your company that is innovative and dynamic. Their network of friends and family is much wider and diverse than any marketing strategy could reach, spreading your brand to areas or demographics you would have overlooked.

Ultimately the reason to advocate product reviews is simple: your customers make better sales people than you. Take the time to foster a strong relationship with your customers and give them incentives to leave positive reviews, and you will see your profits expand and your brand message spread. Contact us today to find out more about how to advocate product reviews and how to motivate consumers to leave them.