Best of 2014: Our Favorite Customer Storytelling Campaigns

User-generated content (UGC) has become one of the hottest social media trends of 2014. It is becoming ever more integrated into our lives, where it’s estimated the average American spends an average 40 minutes per day on Facebook alone. (Source: IACP Center For Social Media). Nielson reports that 92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. Major brands have caught on to the power of social media marketing, and have rolled out campaigns that `were met with great success in 2014. The following three stories are our favorite customer storytelling campaigns for 2014.

Bare Snacks – #DareToBare

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Source: BareSnacks Dare to Bare Page.

Bare Snacks, a San Francisco-based company, is all about keeping their snacks simple, ensuring that their customers get more taste with fewer ingredients and nothing artificial. The concept behind their company is to strip down the healthy snacks to the bare minimum, never compromising taste. Bare Snacks wanted to get their community involved in showcasing how authentic and original their brand is.

StoryBox helped Bare Snacks roll out their #DareToBare campaign with a goal to empower their community and share their own Bare moments. Customers could submit photographs or videos of their own Bare moment for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii and other great prizes. When a customer shared their Bare moment with friends, the link sent traffic directly to the app with that person’s story prominently featured. The photos displayed in the gallery were automatically rearranged based on the story’s social network performance related to likes, shares, completions, average view time and CTR. Viewers could vote for and share their favorite Bare moment. Stories were submitted a number of ways. Customers could upload them directly on Bare Snack’s website and Facebook page via direct upload or webcam or by posting them to their own Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube account by using the #DareToBare hashtag.


  • 1,200 stories submitted (92% directly on site, 8% through aggregation)
  • 44% increase in Facebook Fans in three months
  • 45% of all traffic came from people clicking on stories that fans shared on their walls
  • 8 friends visited page per share

PlayStation – #GreatnessAwaits

3-really now

Source: Playstation Community Page.

In PlayStation’s Greatness Awaits campaign, the gaming mogul set out to grow their community online by throwing their fans one of the greatest parties in their marketing history. According to a Forrester survey, U.S. adults are three times as likely to visit a business’ site rather than engage with them on their Facebook page. PlayStation wanted to drive traffic to their site and interact with their loyal community.

With StoryBox’s help, PlayStation gave their fans an opportunity to host their own Road to Greatness event. Four lucky fans, along with their friends, families and communities competed for the ultimate bragging rights and other prizes. To participate, fans were asked to share why they thought their city deserved this opportunity. Fans could take a photo or video on their mobile device, submit it on the PlayStation website or microsite, or they could post it to a social network and use #GreatnessAwaits hashtag to submit it.


  • Aggregated social posts from 75,000 loyalists
  • 4.5 million visits at four minutes per visit
  • Helped the company’s successful PlayStation 4 launch, in which it outsold its biggest competitor by nearly 2-to-1

Mountain Hardwear – Finding Winter Campaign

4-this is getting ridiculous

Source: Mountain Hardwear Finding Winter Page.

The mission of Mountain Hardwear is to create performance apparel and equipment to empower outdoor athletes to live boldly. The company believes that anyone who enjoys the outdoors is an outdoor athlete, many of whom travel to pretty amazing locations.

To encourage the sharing of customer adventures, Mountain Hardwear enlisted the help of StoryBox to create the #FindingWinter campaign which encouraged their community to go on adventures to find winter and share them. Customers began sharing their storiescentered on four themes–Winter Adventure, Our Beautiful World, Shared Experiences and Product Testing.


  • Stunning curated collection of images and videos
  • Videos had 4.5 times higher hover-over times than photos, and 2.2 times higher than text
  • Videos had 60 percent longer view time than photos, and 41 percent longer than text
  • Videos had 37 percent higher CTR than photos and 223 percent higher CTR than text
  • Photos had 134 percent higher CTR than text


UGC has been able to take the most valuable form of marketing, recommendation from a peer, to a whole new level, virtually being limitless. In the world of marketing there are people called “influencers”, these are the people that love a brand so much that they actually have an ability to sway opinion across a variety of subject matter. With the help of UGC, influencers have been breaking new ground in terms of brand building. According to Forrester, 17 percent of people have bought something based on a friend’s social media post about it, so why not start off with the very people that truly love your brand? These three brands used their customer community and UGC to drive higher traffic and engagement through social media with amazing results. All three were innovative, interactive, and responsive with their campaigns and solid proof that UGC is entering a while new frontier of marketing.