A Look at the Numbers: The Power of Social Media and User-Generated Content

  • Worldwide there are over 1.39 billion monthly active Facebook users (MAUs), which is a 13 percent increase year over year (FB 1/28/15)
  • There are 1.9 billion mobile active users (MAU) (FB 1/28/15)
  • Facebook users are 53% female and 47% male (eMarketer)
  • 7.5 billion photos are posted to Facebook each month (FB 1/28/15)
  • 70 million photos are shared per day on Instagram (FB 1/28/15)
  • There are 300 million monthly active users on Instagram (FB 1/28/15)
  • 65% of consumers seek out user-generated content before making a purchase (Elon University)
  • 54% of adult internet users have created and posted original photos or videos online (Elon University)
  • 47% of adult internet users take photos or videos that they have found online and repost them on sites designed for sharing images with many people (Pew)
  • The average shopper consults 4 user-generated sources before making a purchase online (TNS Digital Life)
  • 65% of humans are visual learners (Facebook)
  • 87% of shared posts from Facebook pages are photos (eMarketer)

Topics: UGC, Customer Storytelling, User Generated Content, Blogs, Marketing