5 Surprising Keys to Increase Brand Engagement

With social media marketing becoming a staple for all businesses focus on increasing brand engagement is increasing as well. Having customers willfully engaging with their brand on a daily basis is every marketer’s dream.

But what are the best ways to build brand engagement? There are many theories out there but there are five ways that you may have not given much attention to in your marketing efforts. Here are the best ways for your company to build brand engagement.

Valuable Content

You have no doubt heard the phrase, “Content is king!” before. And to a certain extent it’s true. In order to get your customer’s attention you need to be producing awesome content. The kind of content that they want to  share.

To do this you first have to know who your customers are. BY using buyer personas you can determine what your best customer’s needs and wants are. Build content around these desires and you will greatly increase the chance that it will be shared.


Instagram is the fastest growing social network and it is now becoming an effective marketing outlet for businesses of all sizes.

However, just posting photos of your products is not enough anymore. You need to draw the viewer in and entice them to share the photos. Post photos of people using your product or service. This not only gives you social proof but can greatly increase the chance of your photos getting liked and shared, which is the goal of brand engagement.

But don’t stop there. Take your viewers behind the scenes and and post photos of your employees and of the manufacturing process. These types of photos humanize your business and make your viewers feel as though they are part of an exclusive club.

Respond To Comments

At some point you will receive comments on some of your blog posts or social media posts. Respond to every one of these comments as soon as possible. If people have taken the time to leave a comment you should respond as well. Even if they leave negative comments.

Many people believe that if you respond to a negative comment it will give credence to that accusation. This is wrong. By not responding you give the impression to other readers that the comment is true and you have no way to rebut it.

Use a negative comment as a customer service opportunity. Respond positively to the comment and offer a solution. Most businesses ignore negative comments so by engaging your customers you will certainly stand out.

Host A Webinar

Presenting valuable information to a captive audience is an excellent way to increase brand engagement. BY hosting a webinar you get to present yourself (and your company) as an authority in your industry.

By having a Q&A section at the end of your webinar you can learn what your customers are thinking and what they want from your company. Take these questions and create content your customers want. You can also take their suggestions to improve your products or services.

Educational Videos

People love how-to videos. This is one quick way to increase brand engagement. Post a few short videos to your YouTube channel and your blog explaining how to get the most out of your product. You can even post a few “Tips & Tricks” videos as well.

Keep them short and make sure they cover a topic that your customers want to learn more about.

Use these five tactics on a regular basis and you will see your brand engagement explode. You will also see an increase in qualified leads, sales and revenues.