5 Reasons Why video testimonials are more powerful than just star ratings

Thanks to the Internet, word-of-mouth marketing has reached a whole new level. More and more people are turning to written reviews with accompanying star ratings to help them determine what companies they should patronize and what they should avoid. It’s no wonder why review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Citysearch keep on thriving. Even sites with a different core business but still have a review component (think Amazon, eBay, and Trip Advisor) rely heavily on user-generated reviews to drive them forward.

But as powerful as written reviews and star ratings are, video testimonials are more effective in converting people into customers because they serve as social proof. To expand on that, here are five reasons why video testimonials are powerful:

  • They build trust: Video testimonials are more personal and engaging, so they build trust much faster compared to written reviews and star ratings. People can see that the person on the video is a living and breathing human being not much different from them, so it’s easy to relate to what the person is saying. Also, hand gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice and other forms of body language can be used to appeal to people’s curiosity, something you can’t do with text or numbers.
  • They don’t sound too much like sales talk: You can talk about how amazing your business is in your marketing collaterals, but you can’t necessarily make people believe what you’re saying. Of course you’ll claim that your products and services are best in the market; that’s what advertising is about, after all. To break through your target audience’s skepticism, you need video testimonials from the voice of a satisfied customer. They’re a great way to reach out to people without putting them off.
  • They’re faster to consume: People have always been busy, but even more so on the Internet. They don’t have time to read long ads with blocks of written text, not when there are so many things that can distract them. Thus, video testimonials are ideal — they’re multimedia and they last for only a few minutes. Also, a mixture of cool music and graphics can grab and sustain attention.
  • They show your business’s professional side: When you create a polished video with a good production value, you’re showing people that your business has the capabilities to present itself professionally, and on many people, that leaves a great first impression. They know that your business is something that should be taken seriously, and not brushed aside.
  • They’re as close to word-of-mouth marketing as you can get: Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods, but it’s not necessarily as fast or as widespread as you want it to be. However, video testimonials can effectively simulate the feel of word-of-mouth marketing, all the while reaching a wider audience in a shorter amount of time. Think of how many people you can reach when you upload video testimonials on YouTube, for example. If you’re good at promoting them, you can attract thousands or even millions. But the good thing about this is that every viewer you get experiences a personal connection when they watch the video testimonials.

These are just five of the many reasons why video testimonials are powerful marketing tools. Give them a try in your next campaign! If you need help with producing these videos, visit us at Video Genie. We can provide you real customers as the face of your brand. It’s about time for you to use your company‚Äôs greatest asset to drive the conversation, conversion, and engagement