5 Questions With HomeAway

VideoGenie is lucky to have the opportunity to work with trailblazing companies at the forefront of digital marketing. One such company is HomeAway.com, the world’s leading online marketplace of vacation rentals.

We decided to ask HomeAway’s Jennifer Stafford, Social Media Manager, and Leah McGarry, Product Marketing Manager, to shed some light into how they are incorporating VideoGenie’s platform into their overall social marketing strategy.

Q: How does utilizing user-generated video content and brand advocates help tell HomeAway’s story?

A: Choosing to rent your vacation home can be a hard decision for many homeowners. Hearing from other people who have taken the leap into renting can be a powerful tool in making prospective homeowners more comfortable with the idea. HomeAway has brought vacation rental owners together through our social media efforts and Community, so collecting video testimonials is another way we chose to bring these peers together.

Q: For the vacation rentals market, why is employing a social video campaign especially powerful?

A: Featuring videos of homeowners who have had success in renting their homes is just another way we hope to encourage other homeowners who are considering the idea of rentals.  For many, opening your home to strangers raises a lot of questions. But seeing and listening to others who have done it successfully is more powerful than trying to convince them on paper.

Q: Can you share some best practices you’re utilizing with VideoGenie’s platform to successfully engage your fans and community?

A: We have been reaching out to some of the most dedicated members of our Community to share their experiences via video testimonial. We have then marketed the videos in email campaigns for prospective owners and from our “list your property” page on HomeAway.com. We are also using social media to collect and share the videos.

Q: What are some other marketing tactics you’re using (social, online and offline) and how does social video fit into your larger marketing plan?

A: At a recent customer conference, we collected videos in person. We knew the attendees at this conference were some of our savviest customers, so they made great additions to our video collection.

Q: Where do you see social video marketing going in the next few years (tactics, popularity, direction, etc.)?

A: As video has become increasingly integrated into all types of marketing, branding and social media campaigns over the years, consumers are growing accustomed to seeing that as part of a marketing message. The impact that social videos have on a consumer in the purchase consideration process is significant because a video will provide a greater connection to the brand than a simple text or photo ad.

With social video marketing you can tell the story of a customer quickly and allow your customers to be your brand advocates and effectively market your product or service for you, often with a more compelling message than a brand is able to deliver. Video is a great compliment to many brands looking to leverage advocates and will only continue to become a more important part of marketing strategy in the future.