4 Tips for Driving Traffic With a Blogger Outreach Campaign

Playing off the old philosophical question of “If a tree falls in the forest…” we can ask: “If an amazing prompt and VideoGenie social video campaign is set up, but no one sees it, does it exist?”

To get the best video submissions, you’re going to need to drive traffic to your recorder and campaign. A powerful way to do this is by conducting a blogger outreach campaign. It’s a must to identify and reach out to prominent bloggers in your space before and during the early stages of your VideoGenie social video campaign launch.

Here are some quick tips for conducting an effective blogger outreach campaign:

1. Identify influential bloggers and compile an outreach list using:

  • Keyword searches for your market
  • Tools such as Google blog search, Twellow, Alexa, or blog directories (Technorati, Blogarama, etc.)
  • Existing contacts (social media network, blog commenters, and individuals who’ve shared your content or mentioned you on their own social media networks)

2. Be genuine and honest. Bloggers have high ethics and can pick apart a self-serving pitch. Take time to really understand a blogger’s interests, and read the blog before making contact. Pitch wisely. Let them know about your campaign and how it aligns with their blog and interests.

3. Secure participation with an incentive. Bloggers are continuously asked to write about a product or cause. Send a genuine pitch with an upfront incentive. These can be:

  • Gift cards
  • Free trial of the product
  • Involving them in picking the winning video submission
  • Mentions of their blog across your company’s social networks

If you’ve done your research – and your campaign aligns with the blog and the bloggers’ interests – you’ll increase the chances of being written up or mentioned.

4. Time the posts to trend. Create a trending effect to amplify your blog outreach efforts by having participating bloggers publish their post at a certain date and time. The published posts will create a spike of “noise” in a crowded space, maximizing the amount of attention on your campaign.

As more and more social media savvy consumers seek out information about brands and companies, they’ll stumble upon blogs. Don’t discount the power of connecting with writers that can provide information about and direct readers to your campaign.