4 Benefits of Posting Testimonial Videos

Video marketing is a highly effective approach to marketing nowadays, which can help you to build an ultra strong web presence and produce an impressive viral following. The following statistics will impress you:

  • 80% of the website visitors that watch an online video end up viewing the ad in full
  • 26% searched for additional information with reference to the relevant business
  • 15% went on to visit the source (the business)

Video marketing can be completed through different styles, which includes a:

  • Profile video
  • Testimonial video
  • How-to video
  • Video interview
  • Service/product highlight video

Each style offers its own list of characteristics and benefits that build amazing brand awareness, educate customers, and encourage engagement in relation to your business’ services and/or products. Hereafter follows the main benefits you obtain from a testimonial video:


With a video testimonial, you can effortlessly explain your business’ goals and overall mission. The last thing that you want is confusion on the side of your customers and the testimonial videos can end this, especially if they are first time visitors. Testimonial videos help to build all-important credibility with your prospects.


Not all online customers feel the same connection to an online business compared to the in-store experience. They often trust the in-store experience more, but with a testimonial video, you could change this. The video offers you an opportunity to add a face to the business, which gives it a personality. This moreover humanizes your brand and your prospects could relate to it more.


If you are looking for the best SEO exposure and a great web presence, videos are the way to go. When you post your video testimonials through social media and/or a blog, you can reach a much wider audience. A testimonial can furthermore enhance your exposure in your particular industry, establish a strong following, and gather the type of loyalty you deserve.


A video testimonial with a very interesting and unique sales pitch will stand out and grab the attention of your prospects. A testimonial is one of the most effective ways to pitch your product or service to people who have never heard of your business, and boost their interest.

Features and Benefits

Always add each of your product or service features and benefits in the testimonial video. This will improve your position in the industry and even elevate you to an industry leader. Most customers believe in and respect a service or product better, compared to when hearing it straight from the business. You can share much more in regards to the product or service features and benefits to your prospects with a testimonial video, than you could with plain website text.

To develop the most effective and better-quality video testimonials, you should find a professional company to assist you. To become a leader in your industry through posting quality video testimonials online, you should get hold of us here today.