3 Ways to Build Social Influence Through Your Customer’s Stories

Your customer’s stories are the ultimate key to building social influence. In an era where many consumers have a jaded, cynical view of advertising, customer stories let you get your message across in a way that reinforces the authenticity and approachability of your organization.

Here are three ways to make customer stories work for you:

#1:  Build video “Case Studies”

Written case studies are a proven lead-gen and conversion tool for businesses. Yet by taking the same material and converting it to video format, you can dramatically extend the reach of your customer’s story … especially since Social Media Examiner notes that people are much more likely to watch a video than read a multi-page report.

To get even better results, try presenting customer stories in different format blends. Test out a short teaser video for a longer story showcase, or blend a short video testimonial from a customer with a longer written case study on your company site. By mixing “old-school” marketing tactics with new media channels, you make customer stories more accessible and shareable, which all helps with building social influence and boosting final conversion rates.

#2:  Include Customer Stories in E-newsletters

Your current e-newsletter is a prime vehicle for using customer stories to build your social influence. Since it’s a well-established channel for conversations with your list, all you need to do is take the conversation one step further by adding video.

An easy way to start? Add the video as a “This just in … ” news item in your e-newsletter. The element of freshness and “breaking news” boosts viewership by appealing to the elements of the brain that crave fresh experiences, notes influence-building expert Robert Cialdini. Plus, it creates a natural place for you to ask your existing clients to share their own stories, helping you uncover new customer stories worth sharing.

#3:  Share stories with pre-selected niches

Prospects are continually looking for the ultimate in relevance – customer stories from people just like them. And thanks to modern tagging technology, you can segment your customer lists into very narrow niches, allowing you to get more power from strategically shared customer stories.

How can this work? Look no further than Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign from 2013. The initial videos for the campaign weren’t simply blasted out to the general public on every platform available. Instead, the first links were presented to carefully selected social media outlets full of target audience members. Viewers felt like they’d been specially selected to see the videos and that the content was highly relevant to them. And the result? Within 10 days of their release, the videos had been viewed 30 million times, according to AdAge, and Dove’s social influence was dramatically enhanced.

For this same effectiveness in building social media with your own videos, think carefully about the initial release and sharing. How can you narrow your focus to gain an expanded reach? What can you do to make new customer stories feel like they were specifically meant for a set group of target prospects, boosting the likelihood that they’ll be shared?

Yes, it can be a delicate balance between restricting access and maximizing impact. But that’s where we come in – at VideoGenie, we’re proven experts in using multiple strategies to help you with building social influence through customer stories. And all you need to do to get started is reach out to the VideoGenie team now.