3 Examples of Great Advocate Product Reviews

A 2013 study found that only 12 percent of consumers take no notice of online reviews when making purchases. That leaves 88 percent of consumers reading and weighing the opinions of online respondents for their purchasing. With the proliferation of “rate for cash” services, anonymous online reviews are losing favor to video reviews where consumers can connect with other consumers, placing a face to the review. These three advocate product reviews work great with video to generate sales, interest, and response.

Haul Videos

Haul videos started gaining popularity on shopping holidays like Black Friday but have now expanded to over 110,000 haul videos on YouTube with some racking tens of millions of views. What’s a haul video? Just like you would show your best friend the purchases of your latest shopping spree, haul videos are shoppers sharing deals and steals from their favorite stores with the world via video. Haul shoppers explain deals they used, items they received, and the experience they had during their shopping trip. These advocate product reviews are quickly gaining favor, particularly during the Christmas season.

Not only are these haul videos engaging, they translate to sales for businesses. A study performed by Google estimated at four in ten viewers of haul videos end up visiting the haul store online or in person. Businesses are now seeking out haul reviewers to provide products for haul reviews, initiating that pop in sales from participating in a haul video.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are exactly like they sound: a customer explains to other potential customers how to use a product. This mode of advocate product review is persuasive because the customer walks potential consumers through exactly what they receive and how they can set products up. While product descriptions and product videos may available, having a consumer explain the process and what they received clears up a lot of customer questions without any company interaction.

These type of advocate product reviews are particularly effective in electronics and other complicate equipment. Tutorial reviews provide a real world application for the product and a venue to see the product in action post-setup.

Empties Videos

“Empties” videos are a new but rapidly expanding version of advocate product review videos. In these, fans show off the empty bottles and containers of their favorite products. Particularly in low use markets, like makeup or office supplies, empties advocate product reviews provide a powerful message to other potential customers. Not only is the product described positively by another consumer but it describes the everyday necessity of that item. Unlike haul videos, empties videos provide consumers with a more in-depth analysis of a product and its continued use. These videos are generally ten minutes in length and go over an assortment of commonly used items, allowing potential buyers to gain more information about the long term use of an item.

Gaining an understanding of new trends in advocate product reviews can help businesses make educated decisions about what type of review to seek for their business. While tutorials are a tried and true method of engaging current customers and providing information to future customers, haul and empties videos are a new trend in advocate product reviews that can provide a bump in interest through customer engagement.