Our Story

Read about our history and love of a good story.

We are all storytellers by nature. Whether around a campfire, in a living room, or at the bar, we use stories to relate to each other, to pass on lessons learned, and to entertain.

Customers tell stories too. They tell stories about your product, they tell tales about your service, and they share inspiring stories about the experiences you’ve made possible in their lives. These customer stories are more powerful than any ad you could ever create. They stick in peoples’ minds longer. They’re more trustworthy. They’re real, they’re unique, and they’re happening all the time.

Our goal at StoryBox is to help you find, cultivate, and use these incredible stories to transform your brand. Since starting in 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of companies share millions of customers stories. And we’d love to be part of your story as well.

We believe the only thing more powerful than telling your story is having others do it for you.

Our Leaders

Justin Nassiri

Chief Storyteller

Chris Imani

Chief Technology Officer

Our Advisors

Bob Garfield Co-Host NPR's On The Media
Noah Mallin Senior Partner, Head of Social MEC
Ian Wolfman Chief Marketing Officer IMC2
Bill Youstra Venture Partner Kohlberg Ventures
Bettina Cisneros VP, Market Strategy Time Inc.
John Anderson Director of Platform Ops Facebook
Raymond Nasr Lecturer Stanford Business School
Michoel Ogince Director of Platform Strategy Big Fuel Communications

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