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Collect customer photos and videos from anywhere.


Moderate, obtain rights, track and incentivize.


Display the best content everywhere.


Measure engagement, sales and referrals.

Our mission is to turn everyday people into a brand's most effective set of ambassadors

See use cases from a few of them.

Bare Snacks

Customers share BARE moments of truth and honesty from their own life


Cleaning up the competition with real product reviews


The ultimate job application for the ultimate event


Getting the story behind the picture with rich testimonials


Empowering girls to blend their beauty and smarts


Showcase customer enthusiasm with Social Hubs


Build hype before and capture the buzz at events

Jane Cosmetics

Fostering a community to inspire change


A community competition for the ultimate bragging rights

What will customer photos and videos do for your brand?

Strengthen your community

When you engage customers, you show how much you value them. Take advantage of their passion and create a richer brand experience at the same time.

Create affordable consumer generated content

Your biggest fans want to be heard. Make it easy for them to share their stories, and you’ll reap the rewards of low cost and high value content.

Increase Conversion

Customers trust each other more than brand speak. Show them real people with real passion for your brand and you’ll drive sales.

Drive Referrals

Make it easy for your fans to spread the word. By making your customers the stars of your content, they’ll be more eager to share and refer.